The mineral water Fonte de 'Medici is produced in the following versions: natural, slightly fizzy and bubbly and is bottled in multiple formats to meet all the consumers needs.
The chemical / physical properties of the water and, in particular, the low content of nitrates make this mineral water recommended for pregnant women, for babies, to combat water retention and facilitate diuresis.
The hydrological basin, the portion of the source and the organoleptic characteristics give the water values of purity and taste ideal for those looking for a water balance between lightness and minerals. Crystal clear water, thirst-quenching and light source of comfort and able to successfully reintegrate our physiological water balance.


Fonte Santafiora Spa dedicate, always, attention to quality control. The blow molding and bottling are made in absolute sterility thus ensuring the retention of all the organoleptic properties of water. Since the sixties, the company experienced a constant process of growth and innovation. In recent years, in particular, it has substantially increased its production capacity with a consequent increase in sales both in international markets and on the Italian market.


The company develops its production on three bottling lines, one dedicated to glass and two for PET able to produce a total of more than 60,000 bottles / hour. The technologies used are the last generation and allow bottle of top quality water with low power consumption.


The internal procedures provide for a constant control at all stages of product processing, including repeated chemical and bacteriological tests that constantly guarantee the integrity, the wholesomeness and purity of the water. Even after bottling the product is carefully followed up to the tables of consumers, through efficient logistic traceability process (SSCC), which guarantees maximum safety and punctuality also in transport and delivery systems.


Santafiora Spa works every day to offer consumers around the world unique and precious waters as their origin.